About me

In 1983 I graduated from the Faculty of Modern Philology, Institute of English Studies at the University of Warsaw in Warsaw. Also in December 1983 I was sworn before the President of the Provincial Court in Gdansk and became a sworn translator of the English Language. Since then I have devoted myself exclusively to the art of translating. My registration number is TP/20/05.

On 1 September 1994 I was entered in the registry of economic activity run by Gdynia Municipality. Therefore, I am allowed to make out invoices for my services. In 2009 I became a member of the Baltic Association of Translators & Interpreters [BST] seated in Gdansk http://www.bst.org.pl (certificate attached). As part of my continued professional development (CPD), I participate in regular training organized by BST and the Association of Polish Translators & Interpreters in Warsaw.

I can offer certified written translations as well as ordinary translations. I can also interpret in municipal or provincial offices, customs offices, courts and notary’s offices. I always care about a high quality of my translations and I keep all the information confidential. My services are performed in a professional and reliable way within a fixed time.

I specialize in the following fields :