POL-ENG and ENG-POL translations in the following fields :

  • LAW 


  • documents issued by the registry office : birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates etc.
  • motor vehicles documentation: titles and purchase contracts
  • employment contracts, seamen’s contracts, employment certificates, references and testimonials
  • school certificates, diplomas with and without supplements, transcript of grades, students’ books
  • certificates issued by municipalities, community and revenue offices, etc.
  • records, card of permanent residence
  • tax returns, certificates about income etc.
  • ID documents, driving licenses
  • test results, hospital treatment descriptions, doctor’s leaves
  • insurance policies, contracts and agreements
  • court decisions and judgments, court letters, suits, last wills and testaments
  • decisions made in writing by customs offices, maritime offices and similar
  • REGON, NIP, VAT forms
  • notarial deeds, minutes, memorandum and articles of association
  • veterinary control certificates
  • tender bid documentation
  • balance-sheets, audits, profit-and-loss accounts, opinions
  • legal acts
  • commercial agreements and documents for EU projects
  • others


  • commercial offers
  • commercial agreements of many kinds
  • CV and cover letters
  • letters of recommendations
  • forms
  • texts for web sites
  • and other texts that need no certification
  • technical texts e.g. manuals, data sheets, assembly and service manuals, leaflets etc.
  • tourist brochures


Services rendered with the following activities in various offices and courts :

  • registration of documents before getting married to a foreigner
  • release form the obligation to submit a certificate stating no legal obstacles to get married
  • a wedding ceremony
  • acts of fatherhood recognition
  • applications for residence for foreigners
  • in family and other civil matters, penal actions and when asserting claims
  • setting up companies, introducing changes in the deeds of company foundation
  • sale-purchase contracts
  • marriage articles
  • giving powers of attorney in civil matters